Buy Genuine Passport Online

Buy Genuine Passport Online – We give you an option to make an express international passport of same quality as the standard passport at a better cost. You save the entire procedure of going through this process the usual way and we’ll handle all that for you. with our express option, you can have a diplomatic passport prepared in just 24 hours.

Buy Genuine Passport Online
Aliens passport

We issue valid alien’s passport to citizens and nationals of various nations who are living in other countries are not originally citizens of that country. This passport is mostly used by students and business people.

Official passports

Get your official passport with WORLD DOCUMENT SERVICES. These are issued to government officials or other persons on government missions, which is specified through the issuring authority and are only permited to be used when on duty.

Diplomatic passports

We issue diplomatic passports to foreign service officers or to persons having diplomatic status when he or she is travelling to carry out diplomatic duties on behalf of their government. The Expirience is the key..

Other travel documents

Get international red cross and laissez-passer travel documents, supplied to refugees and stateless persons. We issue this king of passport through our connections with international organizations all over the world, such as the U.N.O and red cross.

Quality materials

We go an extra mile in finding the right material for all our prints. The patterns are extract replicas of the original sample and the paper and ink quality is of right standard. At the end of it all the only lacking part is you the customer..


We have built solid relationships over the years and we aren’t just another start up organization. We have been operating since 2008 When it was the united states Alone. We actual have all it needs to overcome any obstacle.

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How our service operates

If you’re here for high quality fakes or for valid/authentic passports and id cards, then we can definitely do that for you. We have well established connections with individuals who work in government organizations who help in adding all your personal details to the official database of the country( though it might be expensive and lengthy at times) as well as high professional clones which can permit you use the nationality of another country. we have high quality laser printer and biometric replication devices which can be used to replicate virtually any documents available on earth. At the end of it all the only difference between the authentic and the fake is the identification number which isn’t added to the official database in the case of the fake passport or ID.

From my experience, travels 72 is one of the best places to get your travel documents just on time with ease. I definitely recommend them.
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